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Your Field Project Monitoring Tool

With projects implemented in multiple areas with multiple actors, it has never been easier to manage front-line activities, measure impact and make strategic decisions with reliable and accurate data from the field. The app automates data collection, reporting and ensures beneficiaries are impacted directly.

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Explore Radarmile Capabilities

Implement flexible technology solutions that fit your business processes.

A Tailored Solution

We understand businesses operate differently, have different SOP's. Radarmile Team assess and build a solution that fits you business operations.

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Cross platforms compatibility

We understand the need to be available in most devices for easier accessibility, we build solutions that are available all devices.

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Automated reports

Authoritatively syndicate focused ideas whereas revolutionary outsourcing.

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Data analytics

Rapid data visualisation capabilities, that supports data analysis and visualisation.

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More Features

Improve how you track field operations and progress utilizing Modern technologies

Automating business processes, real-time communication and transparency improves business decision making significantly, with a tool like Radarmile its has never been easier to manage and execute programs that are executed and monitor in multiple areas.

  • User friendly UI/UX
  • Customized options
  • Tracing and indexing
  • Data visualization
  • Data Security
  • Data Syncronization

We provide tailored Radarmile solutions that fit your business

We understand different businesses, organizations and programs have different procedures on how they operate, execute and monitor operation, We create tailored solutions that fits your business processes.

Dramatically formulate cross-unit products with web-enabled action items. Quickly maximize extensible methods of empowerment.
Continually innovate technically sound internal or "organic" sources with market positioning content. Completely drive optimal intellectual.
Phosfluorescently deliver cooperative testing procedures after integrated communities. Dramatically simplify resource-leveling models with unique.
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Powerful Solutions for Your Business Needs

Radarmile enables project leaders, organisations and companies to have a wide and clear understanding of what is happening on the ground, The tool enables stakeholders to collect, manage and make strategic decisions with the use of data.

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Our goal is to improve efficiency and operational capabilities for our clients, with our solution our clients have shown record results in productivity and service delivery

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Feature Rich

Get access to a variety of features that enable to automate business processes..

User friendly

Built with the end user in mind.

Stay Connected

Clear visualisation of field activities.

Progress Web Services

Online and Offline data collection capabilities.